Find our latest facility information including updates on visiting Ken Health Care, vaccine news and other information on the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) here.

Our entire staff team at Ken Health Care, our medical partners and Friends of Ken Health Care, including relatives of our clients, have made enormous efforts to keep Covid-19 away from our facility. See our priorities and measures below.

We appreciate the continued cooperation and understanding of all our publics and encourage all to adopt the view that ‘we protect ourselves as we protect others’. With respect to Covid-19, we are hopeful that ‘this too shall pass’.


Following an assessment by our clinical and operation manager and directors, we are delighted to announce that we are currently able to accommodate visits from immediate family members who have been vaccinated.

Ken Health Care has in place strict guidelines for these visits for the health and safety of our clients, their guests and our staff team. For more information and to request a visit, please contact our Matron on Tel: +1 (876) 904 9488.

Please note: Visitation status is subject to change!

This is due to the fact that we must constantly monitor risk factors relative to Covid-19, the titre of the virus in the community and our facility in order to manage visitation. Ken Health Care is also governed by the standards and virus containment measures outlined by the Jamaican Ministry of Health (MOH) concerning care facilities.

Our visitation status will be reviewed weekly and communicated on this website.


We continue to prioritise the health of our clients, some of whom have lowered immune systems through age and known comorbidities. It is our job to stay ahead of and on top of the virus with strict preventative measures that have been rolled out since February 2020, in advance of the first national lockdown.


Educate staff and residents about Covid-19:
  • How it is spread
  • Signs and symptoms
  • Appropriate infection prevention and control measures
  • Provide proper hand sanitation stations and implement sanitization techniques
    • frequently washing hands with soap and water or
    • using hand sanitiser containing at least 60% alcohol
    • Use signage to inform on proper respiratory and sanitation practices
  • Utilize air purifiers in living spaces
  • Disinfect surfaces frequently and daily deep cleaning of communal and private areas
  • Allow only essential visitors (medical and para-medical personnel, MOH workers etc.)
  • Cancel all group activities if a physical distance of 2 metres is not possible
  • Clients with Covid-19 symptoms to wear masks
  • Staff members wear masks on the premises at all times and PPE as directed
  • Ministry of Health medical officer to be notified immediately of suspected or confirmed cases


  • Screening of all residents, admissions, visitors, and employees of Ken Health Care
  • New admissions (and re-admissions) screened by phone and quarantined in linked premises for 14 days
  • If a visitor or anyone entering Ken Health Care has failed screening they will not be permitted to enter the facility


We are subject to random and regular Covid-19 checks and testing by the Jamaican Ministry of Health and welcome this additional safety barrier.


The government requires Ken Health Care to collect personal tracing data from each person attending our facility to help fight Covid-19. We are required to keep a temporary record of your data for 21 days.

We will look after your data and privacy and your data will be kept securely. Your data will not be passed to anyone except on the request of the relevant ambassador of the Ministry of Health and only in the event that we are requested to do so.

We will never sell or provide your data to any commercial 3rd parties. For further clarification our Privacy Policy can be found in the footer of this website.


  • Members of our staff team frequently self-monitor for potential symptoms
  • If any member of our team feels ill or has any of the Covid-19 symptoms, they should consult with their physician, report to KHC Management immediately, not come to work and should self-isolate at home
  • We will isolate patients experiencing symptoms to a private room with designated care staff and private bathroom. If room sharing is necessary, we will group patients who have known or suspected cases together


  • Staff follow protocols on proper PPE application, removal and disposal techniques
  • If providing care to residents with Covid-19, follow droplet and contact procedures by wearing gowns, masks, gloves and eye shields or visors
  • PPEs will be worn by staff performing personal care especially aerosol generating medical procedures such as suctioning
  • When performing aerosol generating medical procedures, the door to the room will be closed and a mechanical air purifier will be used within the space.
  • Administrative staff that have no direct contact to patients do not need to wear PPE


  • It is recommended that visitor access is restricted to only essential visitors
  • Essential visitors are considered to be:
    • compassionate care or end of life care visitors. These will be assessed on a case-by-case basis
    • visitors who are essential to care and well-being such as those aiding with feeding and mobility
    • personnel or volunteers providing essential services. Volunteers performing non-essential services (such as hairdressers and barbers) will be restricted
  • Visitors who are essential must follow proper hand washing techniques
  • If visitors feel sick and KHC management becomes aware, they will not be given permission to enter the facility
  • Visits should take place in open air (outside) or designated areas