Residential Care

Residential Care Intro

Leaving one’s home for residential accommodation can be an emotionally unsettling time for anyone moving into long term care.

It can also be anxiety inducing for family members and guardians who may feel a heavy sense of responsibility, doubt and even guilt over choosing an external care provider.

It is extremely important to us at Ken Health Care that clients who come to us and their families or guardians immediately feel that they are stepping into a supportive, warm and loving environment – a home with all the creature comforts of a home that they can call ‘home’.

We work hard to ensure that the move from home to this home is a seamless transition. As far as possible, we enable residents to continue their interests and lifestyle with discreet and sensitive ways that support their wellbeing and dignity.

Our care is centered on the individual. We recognize the uniqueness of each senior within our care and their rich life experiences. Treating our residents respectfully and empathetically while giving them as much decision-making power as they are able to manage is at the heart of our care delivery.


Residential Services

Our services for those who come to live with us include:


  • Washing
  • Dressing
  • Medications
  • Exercise
  • Nutritious and regular food intake
  • Combatting loneliness and isolation
  • Other activities of daily living

Specialized care for seniors whose needs are high or who are totally care dependent Seniors who live with:

  • Dementia and Alzheimer’s
  • Mobility impairments
  • Degenerative conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease
  • Diabetes and hypertension etc.

Post Surgery Critical Illness Care

Over the years, Ken Health Care Ltd has served many clients by aiding their recovery after surgery, critical illness and serious accidental and traumatic injuries.

We provide supportive care round-the-clock to clients who, having been released from hospital, are not able to independently resume their normal life.

Key individuals on our staff team are highly skilled and qualified to care for people with:

Trauma injuries including wounds
Surgical or medi-equipment e.g. catheters, colostomy bags and tracheostomies
Complex medical needs including severe diabetes and hypertension

Although we are not a cancer centre, we have assisted in the care and management of people with cancer.

Our success stories include clients who have recovered from major road traffic accidents, who we have assisted back to mobility. We provide a clinically safe environment with the appropriate suction equipment and portable oxygen for clients who have been admitted to our facility with tracheostomies.

We have also had excellent success in the management and improvement of people with diabetic or circulatory ulcers and wounds.

Our care at Ken Health Care is complimented by the services of doctors and other practitioners including physiotherapists, phlebotomists and massage therapists. Because of the highly individualised and specialist needs of clients who require this level of intensive management, additional professional support may need to be sought to aid in or stabilise the rehabilitation of clients.

Please talk to us if you or a relative need this level of supportive care. You will be in our excellent and caring hands, and we will do all that we can to assist you in achieving optimum recovery.

We are here to help.

Residential Services

At a Glance





Specialist Care - Dementia & Alzeimer's

Ken Health Care offers superb quality person-centred, individualized care for those living with dementia (including dementia-related ailments such as Alzheimer’s). We offer a different approach to caring for clients with early-onset or established dementias, that does not rely heavily on drug therapy.

For all of our clients with degenerative neurological disorders, we insist on providing the best standards of holistic health and high quality medical care that uses music therapy, diversionary therapy, exercise, mental stimulation and diet.

Our care seeks to take into account the individual and his or her needs so that we can create an effective care plan, answering questions such as:

  • What makes our client unique and special?
  • What are his or her special needs?
  • What are his or her interests and preferences?
  • What are his or her abilities?


For dementia and Alzheimer’s patients, a typical area of deficit is nutrition and the client’s inability to focus on their food intake – or to digest food adequately.

For over a decade and a half, clients and their families have praised Ken Health Care often for our nutrition management. If a loved one has lost interest in food or simply ‘forgotten’ how to eat, we patiently work on feeding the client, even awakening their sense of smell and familiarity for fresh foods.

We provide a balanced and nutritious intake of solid and or liquid foods such as freshly made vegetable and or fruit smoothies, soups – with veggies, herbs and fruits from our garden and even honey from our own hives.

We feed small, nutritious meals frequently in order to maintain a good balanced blood sugar level, which in turn keeps the client’s mood stable.

Individualized & Tailored Care

An individual care plan is developed for residents living with dementia conditions, outlining how our team can bring out the unique strengths of the client while meeting his or her needs for support. We ensure that the plan is regularly reviewed.

At Ken Health Care, we understand that dementia affects individuals differently and therefore we are equipped to offer greater levels of care to our clients depending on their level of need.

Specialised Dementia Staff Training & Care

Our staff undergo specialist training, equipping them to provide appropriate levels of personalized care to residents living with dementia.

Respite Services

Ken Health Care Ltd offers respite care for clients who need support and care on a short-term basis.

We also welcome those who upon release from hospital as a result of illness, an accident or surgery need supportive 360° care – for a period of up to a month.

For caregivers, the decision to release the person they care for into a respite facility can induce a variety of conflicted feelings, including guilt. But for the carer, respite care is a necessary part of caring as it provides an opportunity for the care-giver to rest and re-charge.

A stint in respite care can also give carers the chance to re-configure and prepare their loved one’s home, making it safe and more adaptive, in preparation for their return home.

Ken Health Care Ltd can accommodate respite patients with acute and complex medical needs such as – stroke recovery, tracheotomy care, cancer care, unstable diabetes, hypertension, acute urinary and or gastro-intestinal conditions and addressing poor nutritional needs etc.

We fully coordinate with the client’s medical practitioner and other specialists. We are able to facilitate accompanying individuals to hospital, to their G.P. for medical appointments and to other amenities and services including physiotherapy and the pharmacy.

Respite care residents who are able to participate in our daily activities, benefit greatly from the sense of community that Ken Health Care provides. There is the opportunity to form lasting bonds with other residents, to enjoy structured activities if they wish to and to take comfort in being completely looked after.

Sometimes respite clients choose to stay at Ken Health Care permanently as a respite stay is an excellent way of sampling the services and excellent standard of care that we offer.