Life at Ken Health Care

Our Facilities

Ken Health Care’s 26-bed accommodation is spacious, comfortable, secure and a real home from home.

All of our rooms have been decorated in bright, warm colours and are furnished with modern and traditional touches including paintings and floral arrangements. Our single rooms and double rooms are furnished to a very high standard with ample storage including standard with ample storage including wardrobes, chest of drawers and bedside storage.

Communal Facilities

Our residents enjoy ample communal facilities including access to televisions, comfortable living areas, large gardens, sun terraces and roomy sun-facing, shaded verandas from which to watch local life go by.

We not only provide facilities such as a Massage Therapy room, but we also have a Quiet Room, open to residents, their visitors and staff. The room provides a space for reflection, prayer or simply quiet time.

Cleaning & Ambience

Our provision of a clean, hygienic and fresh smelling environment for our residents and visitors is reflected by the many compliments we receive in our Guest Book from the families of residents and from visitors.

Our nursing staff and auxiliaries ensure that bedrooms and bathrooms are thoroughly and routinely cleaned and disinfected. Our environment is kept fresh smelling and odour-free around-the-clock. All of our staff team at Ken Health Care uphold our standards in ensuring our seniors are treated with dignity and care. Residents who are incontinent receive appropriate, attentive and discrete care to ensure that they are comfortable and clean and do not suffer any indignity.

Meals & Nutrition

At Ken Health Care, our residents enjoy nutritious, healthy and delicious meals, prepared fresh every single day. Mealtimes provide an opportunity for our seniors to interact socially with each other and our staff strive to make mealtimes a special occasiony.

The Ken Health Care philosophy of food and daily menus ensures that all our seniors’ nutritional needs are met.

We cook in the West Indian Jamaican tradition to provide freshly made soups, flavourful porridges, fruit and vegetable juices, which provide health-giving vitamin and mineral-rich properties.  We also incorporate popular foods from other cultures including Italy and Mexico so that meals are varied and appetizing. However, our meals are prepared first and foremost with healthy eating principles in mind.

With our adherence to Biblical standards of ‘clean’ and ‘unclean’ food, we do not serve any pork or pork derivatives or shellfish on our premises and we ask that all residents and their guests adhere to this.

The Ken Health Care kitchen has been recently certified once again by the Ministry of Health.

Growing food for our needs

Meals are prepared using fresh produce, much of which is picked from our own garden – peas, beans, a variety of fruits such as limes, lemons, ‘june plums’, papaya, avocado and an abundance of herbs. Our vegetable patch produces pumpkins, potatoes, cassava, bananas, plantains and yams for the ‘soup of the day’.

Ken Health Care started our apiary to provide the rich nutritional benefits of organic honey for our residents as well as fresh eggs from the Ken Health Care chickens.

Meal Supplementation

Within a resident’s care plan, by arrangement, we provide meal supplements to assist residents who have complex feeding needs or for those who require additional nutrition. Under a doctor’s supervision, vitamin and mineral supplements are included in our meal routines.

Complimentary Services

Massage Therapy

At Ken Health Care, our residents can receive massage therapy (in conjunction with physiotherapy under medical supervision) as part of their treatment. This is conducted in our dedicated massage therapy room by either of our two on-site therapists, who are also nurses.

It is already well established by the medical community that massage therapy using essential aromatic oils is calming, restorative and can be a pain-reducing aid for those suffering from arthritis and other physical ailments.


Researchers have also shown that massage provides a supportive treatment for those with Alzheimer’s and forms of Dementia. Massage helps to increases the efficiency of both the circulatory and lymphatic systems, stimulates internal organs to function more efficiently and promotes rest and sleep.

In the treatment of the elderly, massage with aromatic essential oils has been proven to help to relieve a number of ailments and conditions:

  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Back Pain
  • Muscle Strain
  • Headaches and Migraine
  • Joint Stiffness
  • Arthritis
  • Circulatory Problems
  • Whiplash

Our Individualized Therapeutic Approach

For our Seniors, massage involves light message, kneading and light pressure on specific points with gentle hand motions that are soothing and comfortable to the body. Massage is used to improve blood circulation – including in diabetic feet – and to relieve muscle tension and relax the body and the mind. We provide short sessions of no longer than 30 minutes as a longer session may be too much for an elderly person.

Research by the Touch Research Institute shows that massage enables elderly individuals to relax and to communicate through touch. Therefore, massage therapy is considered an excellent therapy in the treatment of Alzheimer’s patients. Manipulating specific points on the body also promotes natural joint lubrication and can greatly aid in managing the pain of seniors suffering from stiff joints and or arthritis.

To find out more, please contact Ken Health Care on (876) 904 9488.

Guest Accommodation

Guest accommodation for out of town guests is available on our campus, subject to infection control, Covid-19 quarantine measures and government guidelines for residential care homes.

Next of kin and relatives who need to visit and stay overnight at Ken Health Care would need to provide two consecutive negative test certificates for Covid-19, with the most recent test having been taken the day before entry to our facility. Any stay at our facility is subject to local health authority quarantine rules.

A nightly rate for bed and breakfast of USD $65 – $75 applies.

Our accommodation is comfortable with bright bedroom suites that includes en-suite or annexed shower / bath with television, WiFi etc.

With a reservation, you can visit your relative, manage their medical affairs onsite, and experience Ken Health Care’s cooking, care, massage room, and general ambience for yourself.

To organise a stay on your visit to Ken Health Care, please contact our WhatsApp Cell: +1 (876) 318-2012 so that we can take booking information.