Friends of Ken Health Care

Giving Back

Generosity is more than giving and receiving funds or goods. It’s about being open, empathetic, caring and about making a contribution to building up the community that we all share.

There are several ways for you to exercise your ‘generosity muscle’ to benefit the residents, families, and care-giving team of Ken Health Care Ltd.

  • Become a ‘Friend of Ken Health Care’ by donating to our Bursary Scheme. The bursary gifts deserving seniors with fully paid for respite care administered by the Ken Health Care team. More information can be found in our Bursary scheme section of the website.
  • Share Your Talents with the residents and staff of Ken Health Care. Play a musical instrument? Recite poetry? Champion board game player? Arts and crafter? We’re always looking for people to put a smile on the faces of our dear clients so let us know if you can make a difference by donating your time and talent!
  • Donations, large or small, to any of our causes are so appreciated. Become a Friend of Ken Health Care by subscribing to our newsletter and you will learn about our various fundraising initiatives and how you can help.
  • Show appreciation for a team member. More information on how to show gratitude to a staff member can be found on the appropriate tab.


Over the years, Ken Health Care Ltd. has provided long-term, respite and emergency care for individuals who do not have the means to financially support themselves in a care facility. While we are unable to help every deserving case, with your help, there is more that we can do.

We have a charitable not-for-profit arm of Ken Health Care Ltd. (Charity No. 2222) and with your help, we aim to provide respite care for two people per year, in their twilight years, who need care support but who cannot individually meet the financial outlay for a temporary stay at Ken Health Care.


The Bursary allows for a minimum of 75% and up to a maximum of 100% of the cost of the fees for residence at Ken Health Care Ltd.  It will enable an individual to receive respite care for up to 2 months at our facility.

Nursing care administered by Ken Health Care, meals and in-house activities such as massage therapy are included in the bursary. The cost of medication and doctors’ visits, hospital care or surgery will not be covered.

A determination of the recipient and the level of bursary awarded will be made by a committee of Ken Health Care Team members, headed by Matron, Mrs. Beryl Gordon, alongside three rotating representatives of the nursing team.  The Bursary is administered by Financial Director, Nylann Kennedy.

The application process for the Bursary is simple via a downloadable form to be emailed to [email protected]. Because of the sheer numbers of applications, we regret that we are unable to discuss any applications but applications will be acknowledged.


Applications from or on behalf of clients who have moderate to complex care needs will be considered (including cancer or post-operative surgery care applicants).

Please note that a submitted application form MUST be co-signed by the prospective either the client’s GP / doctor or social worker.  Shortlisted applicants or their first next of kin will also be confidentially interviewed.

Download the application form here


You can make a difference by donating to the Ken Health Care Bursary using the methods below.

By Bank Transfer

  • Bank Name
  • Sort Code
  • IBAN
  • Account No

Please mark your FULL NAME as payment reference.


Cheques should be made out to ‘Ken Health Care Ltd Bursary’ – please print your FULL NAME and ADDRESS on the reverse of the cheque.

For Your Kindness

Your gift of $50 USD and up will be rewarded with a token of our appreciation with branded merchandise from Ken Health Care and from our tiny on-site bee-keeping not-for-profit brand, ‘Wild At Heart’.

You will be automatically enrolled as a Friend of Ken Health Care Ltd as follows:

  • USD $1500 – x 2 Ken Health Care mugs & tote bags, Wild At Heart x 5 Candle Fragrance Set, Wild At Heart Honey (from the Ken Health Care bee hives), subscription to our ‘Friends of Ken Health Care Ltd’ monthly newsletter
  • USD $1000 – x 2 Ken Health Care mugs x 2 tote bags, Wild At Heart x3 Candle Fragrance Set, Wild At Heart Honey (from the Ken Health Care bee hives), subscription to our ‘Friends of Ken Health Care’ monthly newsletter
  • USD $500 – x 2 Ken Health Care mug, Wild At Heart Honey (from the Ken Health Care bee hives), subscription to our ‘Friends of Ken Health Care’ monthly newsletter
  • USD $250 – Ken Health Care tote bag, Wild At Heart Honey (from the Ken Health Care bee hives), Wild At Heart Fragrance Candle &subscription to our ‘Friends of Ken Health Care’ monthly newsletter
  • USD $100 – Ken Health Care mug & Wild At Heart Honey (from Ken Health Care bee hives), subscription to our ‘Friends of Ken Health Care’ monthly newsletter (unsubscribe at any time)
  • USD $50 – Ken Health Care tote bag, subscription to our ‘Friends of Ken Health Care’ monthly newsletter


A kind word or note of appreciation for team members not only satisfies the heart but keeps our team motivated and incentivized to do their best every single day.

When you’ve experienced especially thoughtful and caring service from our team members, please consider sending a testimonial message via our website (Contact Us). Positive endorsements and words of appreciation for our nursing care team will be shared with the team. Feedback also forms part of our ongoing evaluation and improvement program.


You may wish to show your appreciation to a member of staff, who has touched you with her or his care for you or your loved one.  We don’t encourage or solicit individual gifts for staff members but recognize that small tokens of appreciation can be a way to show your gratitude at any time of the year.

There are two ways to show your appreciation for our staff:


All staff are required to undertake ongoing professional training throughout the year, all of which is subsidized by Ken Health Care. However, staff are encouraged to acquire and pay for top-up or non-essential professional and personal development courses (such as driving lessons to acquire a driver’s license, Jamaican sign language, play therapy modules etc.).

Your donation will be allocated to an individual on an “as needed” basis. Individuals who demonstrate their commitment to ongoing professional and personal development will be selected by our Clinical Director and Matron.


If you or your loved one has received exceptional care from an individual on our staff team, you may want to give that individual a gratuity, as a way of helping that individual staff member to feel recognized and rewarded.

A token of your appreciation can be modest – we always say: “it’s the thought that counts, not the amount.

Please note: Solicitations by team members for gratuities are not allowed because of our strict anti-bribery and corruption policy. It is our policy to care for our clients in an honest and ethical manner. We take a zero-tolerance approach to bribery and corruption and staff commit to acting professionally, fairly and with integrity. Any employee who breaches this policy by soliciting gratuities from clients or their families will face disciplinary action, which could result in dismissal for gross misconduct.

If you would like to donate towards Continual Professional Development for the team or a team member or give a member of our team a gratuity, you can do so by using any of the methods listed on the Donate tab. Please state explicitly what your donation is for – either ‘Team / Individual Name CPD’ or ‘Individual Name Gratuity’.

We regret that we cannot accept in-person cash gratuities.

Staff gratuities are paid to staff through payroll, minus card processing or bank fees. All staff are advised that gratuities may be subject to Tax Administration Jamaica (the Jamaican government tax office) deductions.